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What is the difference between transcription and translation in 2021 | Best free transcription tool | CMG Point


The act of translating documents from one language to another is the translation process. The process of transcribing involves listening to any audio, video, live speech, etc., and then writing it down as a text translation of the original speaker’s words.

Translating a written document involves a series of steps. Transcription is the process of transcribing audio, video, and other spoken forms into written format.

It is OK to use several languages in translation, but you are required to use the language the original speaker used in transcribing. The transcription of a text into another language is the foundation of translation.

Difference between transcription and translation.

However, it is the audio and video data that dictate transcription. A translator has to be able to speak at least two languages. If someone has even a basic understanding of one language, they can perform transcription.

This means that translations and Transcriptions can be readily differentiated from one other, and after reading this blog article, people will know the difference between language services.


Instead of paraphrasing, transcribing is taking a recording or video and turning it into a paper in the same language and using the same words as the original speaker.

There are a number of transcription services that can take audio or video recordings in Spanish and translate them into Spanish text documents.

So, how about a new illustration?

Think of yourself as a journalist and your investigation into why millennials aren’t buying homes. To make your research materials more accessible, you may want to use a transcription service provider, such as Happy Scribe, who will transcribe all your interviews into written transcripts. When reading the transcript of these audio recordings, you will be able to discover the ideal perspective for your article and get specific quotations much more easily.

In other words, transcribing involves turning audio files into readable documents. The transcription was done in the same language as the source and copies the speech in its entirety.


Translation is the process of transferring text or speech from one language to another.

That’s it.

Remember all of those people who stand behind world leaders during press conferences. They translate what Putin says in Russian for Donald Trump in English, so that he may try to comprehend it.

The translation is that.

Translation services are required for a wide variety of reasons. You may want to use an Italian research document for your thesis, since it may help to enrich your literature review. But you only speak English, and that presents a problem. As a translation service, we are tasked with translating documents from Italian to English.

Maybe you’ve just authored the most revolutionary scientific text in history, and you want to share it with the world. For worldwide success, you would need to translate it from English into French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

Translating a document may be necessary for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is that translation includes translating the text or audio of a document from one language to another.

If you transcribe audio first, you may translate it using Happy Scribe.

Transcription services:

Transcription involves listening to audio, video, live speech, and capturing the speaker’s precise words. Transcription, in one phrase, refers to the act of writing down what was heard. Consequently, there is a large disparity between transcription and translation when it comes to language.

For instance, I assume you’ve seen someone typing anything on their computer while in the courtroom. Can one wonder what he is writing about?

What is the difference between transcription and translation?

When speaking to a court, lawyer, victim, or witness, he writes his remarks in the same language. He is in possession of verified statements of everyone. Additionally, we call this transcribing.

You wrote your professor’s speech at college or university, didn’t you?

Don’t you think? Additionally, the act of this listening and writing is called transcribing. In the end, transcription is the process of listening and writing.

Translation services:

The translation is the process of transferring documents written in one language to another one. We’ll call the process of converting English text to Spanish translation.

A single phrase may imply translation, which is the conversion of one language to another. So, there is a fundamental distinction between the two language-related endeavors of transcription and translation.

But transcribing is not the same as translation. Communication cannot exist without both of these.

Final words:

It is very likely that if you are working on a research project or are a journalist, you will need to use both resources. In the majority of cases, the transcription (the audio/video file’s translation into text) and the translation (transforming the Word Document into a language of your choice) occur second.

It’s simple to keep track of the distinction this way. Transcription refers to the term SCRIPT, which denotes the process of turning recorded material into written content. A translation of the term SLATE also appears in the manual. Since they’re blank slates, they create new things, like new languages. Ok! It’s quite a reach, but it’s a possible memory aid that may assist you in distinguishing them.

Whether you are trying to distinguish translation and transcription, or even if you are just starting to do research on your service provider’s needs, it is essential to first grasp the differences between the two terms.

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